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BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSUwww.facebook.com/LucioSergioBjjLifeStyle

Instructor – Lucio Sergio , Rio de Janeiro – Brazil –  Black Belt by Gracie Barra
Aly Lopes  , Lisbon- Portugal – Brown Belt

BJJ is considered a combat sport and a self-defence system that uses submission holds, joint locks and choke holds to subdue the opponent. It is a very effective style in which a fighter can use little to no strength to subdue a much larger opponent. Many MMA fighters train in BJJ to prepare them for grappling and ground fighting.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) was developed in the early 20th century by Mitsuyo Maeda a Japanese naturalized Brazilian who taught a Brazilian Carlos Gracie, who then taught his brothers who raised the profile of the name of ‘The family Gracie’ no known word wide.

Everyone is capable of learning BJJ and enjoying its many benefits improving the life quality, self-esteem, discipline and health, as well as working with a tutor associated with producing some of the best BJJ fighters ever known.

Most of the students strive towards becoming a black belt and we are proud to be here to lead you along the right path to success. The graduation to a black belt will rely self motivation and dedication; it can take from 5 to 10 years to graduate and we will be with you every step of the way.